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This blog is specifically dedicated to promote studying old Indonesian manuscripts, both in Arabic and local languages, especially those related to religious issues.It's also to introduce Indonesian Local Islam.“All we are breaking are stones”, Mulla Mohammed Omar said, explaining the Taliban Islamic militia’s decree to destroy the Bamyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan. The Taliban, destroying the largest standing Buddha statue in the world, dating back to the second century, were delivering a statement. They wanted to break the spirit of another religion.The annihilation of the landscape, villages and habitat due to the construction of the Three Gorges dam in the Jangse in China or the Merowe in the Nile in Sudan are no less drastic and irreversible.There are many examples in Europe as well, including The Netherlands.They were after the soul of another culture, the mind of people worshipping other gods.

The destruction and plundering of museums, statues, libraries, temples, churches and mosques and the stealing of paintings, books and art is shameful.The failure of the descendants of the thieves and plunderers to restore the evil, to reconstruct what has been destroyed and to return what has been stolen is as shameful.The hesitation of Western countries to sign and implement international conventions to return stolen cultural property, arguing that the countries of origin cannot be trusted to protect their cultural heritage, discloses arrogance, hypocrisy and greed.Several centuries earlier, crusaders from all over Europe had demolished mosques on their way to Jerusalem, trying to drive out Arabs and Muslims from the Holy Land.

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The Jewish temple in Jerusalem had been pillaged more than once.

We need a broad based political initiative to restore past wrong doings and show our commitment to refrain from similar destruction and plundering in the future.