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Legacy, WRX STI, and BRZ were mostly the same (a little up, a little down).

Outback 15,786 cars sold 10/17, down 2222 cars (-12%) under 18,008 10/16 Forester 13,430 cars sold 10/17, down 1900 cars (-12%) under 15,330 10/16 Crosstrek 10,871 cars sold 10/17, up 2504 cars ( 30%) over 8,367 10/16 Impreza 6,733 cars sold 10/17, up 3,702 cars ( 124%) over 3,723 10/16 Legacy 4,538 cars sold 10/17, down 598 cars (-126%) under 6,136 10/16 WRX STI 2,416 cars sold 10/17, down 163 cars (-6%) under 2,579 10/16 BRZ 271 cars sold 10/17, down 59 cars (-18%) under 330 10/16 Outback 156,277 cars, up 11,843 cars over 144,434 YTD 10/16 Forester 145,460 cars, down 522 from 145,982 YTD 10/16 Crosstrek 87,685 cars, up 10,508 cars over 77,177 YTD 10/16 Impreza 71.322 cars, up 23,242 over 48,080 YTD 10/16 Legacy 41,999 cars, down 11,532 under 53,532 YTD 10/16 WRX STI 26,572 cars, down 1,178 cars under 27,750 YTD 10/16 BRZ 3,578 cars, down 114 cars under 3,692 YTD 10/16 10/25/17 Share the Love #10 Once again, Subaru will donate 0 per car sold from Nov 16, 2017 to Jan 2, 2018 to the customer's choice of charity, with 6 to select from.

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Thats a substantial drop both for a flagship model and especially one that has the newest (android Auto, Apple Carplay) and best functioning audio technology that Subaru offers.Outback, Forester and Crosstrek top the sales list once again because more than anything, Subaru is a wagon company that does well designed utility.Functional wagons and hatchbacks, with a dollop of decent looks are why people like Subarus.The selection this year is the same 4 national charities chosen by Subaru with 2 local charities chosen by the individual dealer.

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The 4 national charities to choose from will ASPCA, National Parks Foundation, Meals On Wheels, and Make-a-Wish.

Available on the Forester 2.5i CVT, Option Pkg #17 'Black Edition eyesight' replaces Option Pkg #16 'Black Edition' (without Eyesight).

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