Brisol palin dating

20-Nov-2017 17:59

There is one exception to that: whatever suits Sarah is her sole guiding principle.She is a very, very sick woman and if we allow her anywhere near the Oval Office we are in for a world of trouble.Unfortunately, Palin directed her talents towards politics and not singing (although politics is a type of performing).What I find amazing is that people are eating it up.

Track is in Iraq because of his drug prob and seryiuss delinquency record...including cutting the break lines on 50 school buses in Wasilla. I hope he is safe and gets his life together.[italic]Four pages of Manhunt listings for Wasilla...

He used his local celebrity status with the other guys to get them to steal things he wanted. I've seen him snort cocaine, snort and smoke Oxy Contin, drink booze and smoke weed."So OP, what The Enquirer is essentially saying, based on what we've learned during the last eight years, is that Track Palin is destined to be President of The United Sataes someday, yes?

[quote]But if he was a democrat, there would be numerous posts about wanting to fuck him. Most posters and readers of this board would thank Jesus if Track showed up on their doorstep begging to be hidden from his crazy mom and her lot.[quote]there would be stories.[quote]Who would talk? Maybe the same ones who spilled the beans about him being a stoner and edging other guys on to steal stuff for him?

It's not the kids fault she's their mother and they were born into a republican wilderness.[quote]If that was Track's objective in drugging and drinking, there would be stories. Something tells me the local pickle park ain't exactly hoppin' in a town of 6,000 people. Freud would have a field day with Palin's "for all the right reasons" comment.

If that kid was queer, we'd have heard about it by do you want someone like him to be gay, OP? He (and Bristol) is troubled because he comes from a family that is lacking in attachment, emotions and support. No one who wasn't concerned with exactly "all the wrong reasons" would think or need to say such a thing. Just imagine what the MSM would do if Michelle Obama...*had an unwed teenage daughter*a future son-in-law who was (a)unemployed and (b)a dropout*a son who was an alleged druggie*and a rumored affair with her husband's business associate It's "American Idol" folks.Even though I've never heard anyone in the MSM question his reasons for going in.

he happened to catch me in a moment where my brain, nor my heart was thinking about anybody in particular. now @ms_she has warned me about making life decisions off the advice of a 'wannabe gypsy,' her words, not mine.… continue reading »

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