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07-Jun-2017 11:48

They respect women, the elderly and family; they even will open doors for them.

If ever you need help or a neighbour down the way needs help… Just My Thoughts If you want to find country boys or men that work the land, I would suggest you relocate to Alberta, or Rural Ontario.

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My personal preference is to have a partner who shares some of the passions I do on certain topics, as this makes for wonderful thought provoking conversations.

I would never dismiss a man who was a farmer/rancher, as everyone is an individual and I have always believed that it goes to reason, that if one person expects to be given a chance or an opportunity, it must be reciprocal.

My "Baker 5" have been developed over the course of many bad dates and honestly, I'm surprised that everyone doesn't already do them. If a guy's got a lot going for him and he doesn't hit all 5, I'll let em slip.

I’ve driven a go-cart for six laps with the back of the car in flames.

Who woulda thunk that farmers cain't talk about impurtant stuff. GG, sounds like you enjoy being with a man who has a good work ethic. I did not say that farmers or ranchers cannot or did not talk about important stuff.

However many farmers/ranchers are not generally as passionate or interested about business and the other topics I listed, as some people who work in business and other professional sectors - there is nothing wrong with that.

After already having gelled on the phone I, as you open your door and even before our eyes meet, I kiss you, whisk you off your feet into my arms (before you faint), put you over my shoulder and escort you to my Ferrari.

So anyway to wrap this short intro up, my idea of the perfect relationship would be consummate companionship, exceptional generosity and an unrestrained love which will provide the base for a long-term relationship…any questions welcome” The Creator Critique This essay screams out fun with a capital F!

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