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The coins, which are thought to date back to approximately 126 BCE, "may have belonged to a Jew who hid his money in the hope of coming back to collect it, but he was unlucky and never did return," according to the director of the excavation, Avraham Tendler.

They were found in the Modi'in area of Israel in a rock crevice during excavations before construction began on a new neighbourhood.

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See all Media Biblical Archaeology Society Staff The exhibit Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact at the Field Museum in Chicago showcases nearly 100 objects from the museum’s ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Etruscan collections.

This revolt, the so-called Bar-Kokhba Revolt (132–135 C. An example is a coin inscribed, “Year 1 of the Redemption of Israel,” or another inscribed, “Year 2 of the Freedom of Israel.” Rarely, a coin bears the legend “Year 3 of the Redemption of Israel.” Herod’s desert fortress on the mountaintop of Masada was made famous as the site of the last stand between the besieged Jewish rebels and the relentlessly advancing Romans at the conclusion of the First Jewish Revolt.