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15-Aug-2017 10:54

But it was incompetently rolled out, and apparently interpreted in amateur fashion by Trump’s White House.

That undermines Trump’s actual national security agenda pretty severely.

Under Section 3(g), they can “on a case-by-case basis, and when in the national interest, issue visas or other immigration benefits to nationals of countries for which visas and benefits are otherwise blocked.” 5. The media has labeled the order Islamophobic based on this provision, but here’s what it actually says: Upon the resumption of USRAP admissions, the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, is further directed to make changes, to the extent permitted by law, to prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality. Then, apparently, Bannon and Miller overruled them, leading to confusion.

Late on Friday afternoon, President Trump signed an executive order significantly cracking down on entry into the United States by citizens from Muslim countries Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. The executive order states that the visa-issuance process needs review because of failures leading up to 9/11, and further attacks afterward.Numerous foreign-born individuals have been convicted or implicated in terrorism-related crimes since September 11, 2001, including foreign nationals who entered the United States after receiving visitor, student, or employment visas, or who entered through the United States refugee resettlement program.Deteriorating conditions in certain countries due to war, strife, disaster, and civil unrest increase the likelihood that terrorists will use any means possible to enter the United States.As New York City's premiere dating coach, John empowers men and women to have fulfilling dating lives and relationships with themselves and others.

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titled Nancy Jo Sales’s article on dating apps “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse’” and I thought it again this month when Hinge, another dating app, advertised its relaunch with a site called “thedatingapocalypse.com,” borrowing the phrase from Sales’s article, which apparently caused the company shame and was partially responsible for their effort to become, as they put it, a “relationship app.”Despite the difficulties of modern dating, if there is an imminent apocalypse, I believe it will be spurred by something else.

The order also should have included clear lines of entry for allies of the United States military (e.g. But the order wasn’t written by lawyers or even vetted by the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, reportedly.

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