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While Mummy penguin is hunting for fish, Daddy stays in the crowded huddle of males, looking after their precious little egg (pictured below).

But then hunger drives him to wander off — until a huge gust of wind whisks him from the South to the North Pole.

His plea for young people to reconnect with nature culminated in this stunning collaboration with artist Jackie Morris, which uses acrostic ‘spells’ to conjure up the beauty, movement and poetry of such iconic species as the bluebell, heron, and magpie.

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Spider meets a succession of wild animals who offer both good advice and malicious warnings — Mulligan doesn’t duck the cruelty of the natural world and there are some pretty tear-jerking scenes.

All ages In th E final instalment of his Christmas trilogy, Haig’s heroine Amelia Wishart is living in Elfhelm with Father Christmas and his new wife but, as the only human child among the elves, her difference isolates her.