Fever dating

19-Nov-2017 23:59

In anime, you see some of these masculine ideals, particularly that of protection. But is it really a problem to like East Asian–Japanese women in the case of otaku?

Isn’t it the same as liking women with blond hair or brunettes or blue-eyed girls?

Zhang (2016) shares one of the comments of Asian women interviewed: Yellow Fever doesn’t always distinguish between Asian nationalities.

Chinese women are sometimes lumped together with Japanese, Korean, and other nationalities.

This ties back to the old sense of male identity that has come under threat in recent decades.

The image of the East Asian woman appeals to many men who are tired of feminists, with their values of independence and autonomy, and crave a “traditional” relationship where women were dependent on men (Gatting, 2013).

When a non-black person is atracted sexually to black people.

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