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21-Aug-2017 23:25

Another detail we will help you with and ensure that Flag State will accept the type-approval certification for the installed ECDIS equipment.

As part of ensuring compliance the equipment will need to be recorded and attached to the ship's safety equipment certificate and give details of the back-up system.

But whatever you decide we will ensure compliance with the ship's Flag State Maritime Authority Back to top Staff and Crew Training Successful transition to electronic chart navigation will require staff and crew training.

Most Flag States will require ships' officers, at least, to have received approved generic ECDIS operator training, based on a standard IMO model.

You will also need to choose between fitting your ships with a dual or a single ECDIS system.

However, this will depend on the vessel's Flag State, which may require the use of a Chart Radar or alternative type-approved electronic system.

In between these two extremes, we usually find technological advances for the safety of navigation and communication. We believe planning and timing are vital for getting the best from the technology.1. Back to top ECDIS is a fundamental change in navigational procedure and the way it is carried out. "Amendments to the International Convention for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) were approved by the IMO in June 2009, at the 86th session of the MSC (Maritime Safety Committee), for the mandating of ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) These amendments result in the obligation for cargo vessels, tankers and large passenger ships to install and apply ECDIS to meet a timetable, which starts July 12th."However, there is much to do with regard to implementation and our aim is to make it as easy and as straightforward as possible for all our customers. Existing vessels less than 10,000gt are not required to install and operate ECDIS under the current proposals and Flag States may provide exemptions for vessels, which will be taken out of service within the two years prior to the implementation date.Training and implementation demands some forward planning as crew competence with ECDIS is a main feature of compliance.

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Those used to using paper charts will need to become confident wit the technology and extend their skills to make it second nature to referring to digital charts. Effective training will play its part but time and practical application will also no doubt be needed. Our training programmes are designed to help in the transition to ECDIS and to build the same level of confidence with electronic charts as with paper based charts.

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