Iscriversi all aire online dating

12-Dec-2017 18:48

Besides your declaration, you must provide a copy of your identity document and those of any other people who are transferring their residence with you.These people must also sign the form if they are over 18 years old.By law, you must do so at most 90 days after you leave Italy.The consulate will then send your details to the Italian municipality where you were last resident.Each Italian municipality has its own Aire office; registration on Aire is mandatory.To register on Aire, you must apply to your nearest Italian consulate as soon as suggeriamo di visitare il sito web dell’Ufficio consolare competente per territorio. E’ possibile prolungare la validità dei certificati qualora l’interessato sottoscriva la dichiarazione che non si siano verificate, nel frattempo, modifiche. L’iscrizione all’AIRE rappresenta un diritto-dovere di tutti i cittadini italiani che risiedono all’estero.

The consulate will then send the Foreign ministry’s AIRE registration form to the municipality from which you emigrated.You must fill in the form for yourself and for the people for whom you have parental responsibility or for whom you act as guardian.