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27-Jun-2017 09:18

Another victim took out a 0,000 loan to give to Pierce as an investment.

Victims spoke to ABC15 after the sentencing Friday — not surprisingly, all of them were relieved."It is great," Sarah Schroeder said. Finally being able to see him in handcuffs and being sentenced was very liberating.

According to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Pierce, who also went by the name of Daylon Jung, signed up for several dating websites (Match, Plenty Of Fish and Tinder) and became involved in romantic relationships with multiple women.

RELATED: SCOTTSDALE MAN SWINDLES WOMEN INTO INVESTMENT SCAMSFrom 2013 to 2016, Pierce told the victims that he was a licensed stockbroker and convinced them to invest thousands of dollars in fraudulent schemes, officials said.

Her friends didn’t find anyone at her home and her car was still parked in the driveway, the police spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

Her friends told local station WOWT that Sydney is very close with her family and would not disappear without telling them.

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Rose Reddy explained how Peirce went to great lengths to make his scam believable."He was on the phone making deals on his computer while I was right there listening to him talk," Reddy recalled.Introducing Kittenfishing, a watered down form of Catfishing that nearly all of us have either experienced or done ourselves. While you may think, ‘I’ve never done that’ or ‘that’s never happened to me’, you might want to think again.Kittenfishing can range from anything from lying about your job and age to leading people to make false assumptions about your height and weight.In a news conference Tuesday morning, Police Chief Jim Bliemeister said, “Circumstances surrounding her disappearance are concerning.” He noted that multiple investigators were working the case along with the sheriff’s office and Sydney’s family.

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The “last confirmed sighting” of Sydney was in Nebraska’s Saline County, southwest of Lincoln, Bliemeister said.

There are also no records of him being a licensed stockbroker.