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It is so easy to say yes to volunteering via the Internet that many people sign up to do so before really considering their schedule.Most volunteers who take this approach end up never having that spare time originally envisioned and do not complete an assignments they committed to doing, leaving the organization scrambling to get the work done by others.Note: the vast majority of online volunteering opportunities are FREE - meaning you do not have to pay anything at all to participate - there are no costs other than in terms of your time.

It is also sometimes called service means actions, activity, engagement -- doing something that needs to be done and that helps the community or a cause.(Wikipedia has a long list of what online volunteers do, and volunteers do these tasks for thousands and thousands of organizations).Even if you have the expertise necessary to volunteer online, in some cases, you may have to go onsite somewhere to meet face-to-face with a representative of the organization you want to help, to introduce yourself, to go through their orientation, to meet staff, and maybe even to convince them to allow you to volunteer online.This will help us understand when and where our campaigning has been most effective."'s World Archives Program (AWAP) provides free software to its volunteers to access already-scanned images and transcribe them into a common, publicly-searchable database.

"The Ancestry World Archives Project is thousands of volunteers from around the world with a passion for genealogy and a desire to help others discover their roots." This is one of several citizen archivist projects for online volunteers listed on this page.Upon multiple virtual team members tagging the same photo, a rescue team is dispatched to the location tagged in that particular file.

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