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Sims now age through various stages—infant, toddler, child, teen, adult, elder —and could be created in any stage except the first.(College aged Young Adults were added in the first expansion pack, .) They also came with an "Aspiration," an overall goal for their life: Family, Romance, Wealth, Popularity, Knowledge, and (eventually) Pleasure.Starting with the first expansion pack, this would assign the Sim a (randomly-generated) Lifetime Wish, which keeps them happy for the rest of their lives if they achieved it.In the meanwhile, it also controlled what Wants and Fears would pop up; these were general life events, from "Have First Kiss" to "Eat Trademark Favorite Food". Fulfilling the Sim's lifetime wish would fill their Aspiration bar to the max for the rest of their lives, but (of course) you get a certain amount of time to do this before they croak. Don't worry, the shippers got what they wanted in the end., the game introduced three interconnected concepts: aging, Wants and Fears, and Aspiration.Of course, it also lost XXX points every few hours, and if it hit bottom the Sim would have a Heroic B. On the last week of July 2014, EA decided to give away a free copy of The Sims 2 to every Origin user as it is planning on ending support for the game.

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