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There’s just something about the date January 1 that makes us want to make a change for the better.The changing of the calendar combined with holiday overindulgence — overeating and overspending — means that, for many of us, making some positive New Year’s resolutions seems like the right p…Just as some wish they could celebrate Christmas all year long, Halloween is more my speed.That makes the recent announcement of the upcoming Cinema Macabre spring series at Beale Memorial Library even more exciting.Many younger homebuyers are purchasing older houses and updating them.The beloved and timeless heroine Dorothy Gale learns an important life lesson when she travels to Oz and back: “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again,” Dorothy says, “I won’t look any further than my own backyard.” It’s wisdom from the Wizard.In it, the little gray donkey carries on his back the Virgin Mary, on the Holy Family’s arduous journey to Bethlehem. For decades, Pairs and Spares dancing at the Rasmussen Senior Center has been the place for those of a certain age to kick up their heels, enjoy live music and spend time with friends. 29, though, the men and women will gather for one last dance.

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As a features writer, a good portion of my work is in the light, fun and entertaining, which makes the task of narrowing down the favorites I've worked on a difficult one.In the midst of all the New Year's Eve events happening this Sunday, something special will be going on over at the Rustic Rail in Oildale.The bar, located east of North Chester on Norris Road, looks like a couple of boxcars in danger of getting up, hopping back a few feet and taking off on…Chances are reasonably good there's another one out there, too, right under our noses.

And that undiscovered talent could well come from less than ideal circumstances.The Great 48 Jam is this weekend, so bluegrass fans: grab a guitar, fiddle, banjo or anything else to play and get ready to join in.