Speed dating readers

30-Oct-2017 04:50

If you aren’t good at “speed dating,” they fairly quickly move on to the next blog. You don’t have the be the hottest person in the room to get a date, but you do have to care about your looks at least a little.Nobody wants to date a slob who hasn’t showered in weeks.

So focus on long-term design, consistency, and post quality if you want readers to put a ring on your finger.

Maybe it's because I am an English major, or perhaps it's because I love to lose myself in a world that is not mine. One delemma that I have found myself up against is what do I read next? You sit down and really figure out if this will have any hope of working out. Are they nummah than a hake (It's a Mainer saying)? Let me start off with a book I recently read: I found this book by way of speed dating and was instantly drawn in by the title. The Way Life Should Be is literally written on the Maine Welcome sign as you drive into the state. She took a chance on a guy who was just a screen name, a place she had only seen pictures of in magazines and her grandmothers Italian recipes.

I often seek out opinions of other readers, search the NY Times Bestsellers list, or scour Good Reads to see if they can find me the perfect match. Usually the first date (or first few chapters) will tell you a lot. Little did she know, she would be captivated by the small town she landed in and her need for change would outweigh her lack of a job, friends, or money.

As a blogger, you’re going to be propelled into the same situation.

Readers actually have a fairly long attention span if they like your content – but they make the choice about whether or not they like your content in just a few seconds.

It's kind of like speed dating when it comes to finding a good book, a keeper. This book really takes life changes and makes you feel like you are right there with her.