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This famous (or, more accurately, infamous) pickup is often described as a piezoelectric unit, but it is actually a regular electromagnetic pickup with a coil in the base of the bridge and two magnetic polepieces suspended from the saddle.The result was a primitive attempt to replicate the sound of an acoustic guitar that was unique but not very successful.This new top-of-the-line guitar was designed to compete with Gibsons Les Paul model, complete with a single-cutaway body and two large, chrome-covered pickups.The solid maple body had ivory-colored binding and a matching plate covering the back.

The bodies received cutaways in unusual places and horns in others, so that some models are referred to as map bodies they look a bit like a map of the continental USA.

The bound neck was bolted on and inlayed with fancy parallelogram fret markers.

The six knobs and two pickguards gave the instrument an appearance akin to a Les Paul in a tuxedo.

The new name came from the first initials of the owners (Victor Smith, Al Frost and Louis Dopyera), thus V. Starting in 1947, a new serial number system was adopted that allows for reasonably accurate dating of instruments.

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Valco quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of lap steels, alongside Magnatone, Gibson and Rickenbacker, and the company also sold acoustic guitars with National necks and bodies by Gibson.

These small guitars hand peanut-shaped bodies and chunky, 25-scale necks; the bodies were available with or without cutaways and with one or two pickups.