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Tsunku, however, decided to give five of the runners-up, Yuko Nakazawa, Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Asuka Fukuda and Aya Ishiguro, a chance to become a group in their own right.

The girls were set the task of selling 50,000 copies of their demo single "Ai no Tane," in just five days.

The girls sold the required number of copies in four days, and subsequently became an official group.

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On August 14, 2011, 5 new sub-members were set to join S/mileage.Project." Auditions were once again held on Asayan between April and July, resulting in Taiyō to Ciscomoon and Coconuts Musume, with Country Musume's official formation announced. In June, it was announced that Asami Konno, who had graduated from Hello!Project a year prior to study at university, would be returning. The group never actually debuted, though they occasionally appeared on television shows and radio they have never recorded a song.The first "Michiyo Heike & Morning Musume Imotōbun Audition" took place, resulting in the "second generation" of Morning Musume to be added, made up of Sayaka Ichii, Mari Yaguchi and Kei Yasuda. The first shuffle units were formed in March 2000, releasing the "theme" of Hello! Between April and June 2002, the first, and to date only, Hello! These auditions resulted in the future members of Japanese idol groups Berryz Kobo and C-ute, who would go on to debut in March 2004 and February 2007 respectively, also spawning offshoot auditions such as auditions for Hello! Project began, which was referred to as "Haromageddon" (a pun on Hello (ハロー, Harō) and Armageddon (ハルマゲドン, "Harumagedon")) and "the 7/31 incident" by fans.

In January 1999, auditions for Country Musume were held on "Idol o Sagase! In April of that year the girls' official fan club was renamed "Hello! In February 2006, former Morning Musume member and sub-leader of duo W, Ai Kago was caught smoking in public while underage. Kago was suspended from her activities and eventually began to attempt a return. Her contract was terminated and she had no graduation ceremony, as had become standard for exiting members.Konno became the first person to have graduated from Hello! In October, Tsunku established a new unit, the Nice Girl Project! In February 2007, Cute officially debuted with the single Sakura Chirari. Project started the Taiwanese "Morning Family New Star Audition"; an audition aimed at recruiting new Taiwanese members to join Hello! In September it was announced that, as a result of the Taiwanese auditions, the group Ice Creamusume 2008 also marked the first time in a decade that Morning Musume had no performed at the annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen event, after ten consecutive appearances. Project member to appear on that year's show was Mai Satoda, marking the first appearance of a member of Country Musume. Project would begin a series of auditions in South Korea.—featuring 21 groups and 72 members.

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