The detailsview fired event itemupdating which wasn t handled

09-Oct-2017 14:16

NET - forum discussing the Microsoft languages including C#, VB. Hi, I have created a second gridview when customer clicks on select link with this code: Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Learn various methods of problem solving unique to the . Skip to content Hi, I created a gridview bound to the roles tables with this code: roles Array = Roles. I added an event Selected Index Changed where I bind that gridview with a new datasource and now I get the above error when attempting to sort. Anybody got a simple example doing the above, built in sorting paging and also changing the datasource based on another control?

Grid View ve Details View kontrollerinde editleme yapabilmemiz için her iki kontrolünde sahip olmuş olduğu Command Field özelliğini kullanırız.

I have read that the place to rebind these controls is in the Item Updated() event of the Details View - but this never fires.

You can even add Item Command event and find out that on clicking Update button, e.

Web user control doesn't fire events Hello: I'm having trouble making a web user control to fire its events, it doesn't event fire the Page_load event, don't know what it is, this is the control page header: Thanks for any help.

Click event in Custom Control doesn't fire Hi, I've written the following little Custom Control.

When a particular row is edited, I would like to show a status msg showing that the row has been updated.

:( Thanks, I already found the problem, the On_init method was not anywhere... Sql Command Dim str Connection As String str Connection = Configuration Manager.

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