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The DVD (and Blu-ray, by extension) Bonus Content with the highest ratio of "disappointment when it isn't included" to "likelihood you'll actually sit down and watch the whole thing." If you've bought a DVD, it's assumed that you like the movie or TV show or whatever. It seems logical that a good chunk of the viewing audience would want to know more information about the film they're watching, and also to have a compelling reason to rewatch a film you've seen in the theatre.

The creators or other experts get together to record an audio (and rarely, video) track to be played during the movie. Though its inclusion is increasingly common, there are several famous directors who refuse to allow commentaries to be recorded for their DVDs.

This stand-up comedy concerts shows Eddie Izzard in all his glory.

Dress to Kill video, released on DVD in 2004, is 114 minutes of guarantied non stop laughter.

Lynch is insistent on the Death of the Author issue and doesn't want to give his own, 'definitive', interpretation of the Mind Screw works he's famous for (it's for the same reason that he's a master of the Shrug of God).

Woody Allen has stated that he hasn't seen any of his films since they were released (and most of the DVDs don't even feature stereo sound).

And if it's not there or if it's poorly done, there's no reason why fans and/or haters can't decide to go into the commentary business for themselves...

Still, it's always nice to know the commentary is there.

The item you've requested contains mature content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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At their best, DVD commentaries can be a wealth of informative, entertaining insights into the creation of the film, especially if the speakers are adept at the process.

They may also have the canon answer to things that need some explanation.

Eddie Izzards Definite Article video was filmed in 1996 during the stand-up comedians tour which begun in 1995.