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In February this year, a leather jacket believed to have been worn by Lennon, sold for £10,400, while in September, a handwritten, original score for "Eleanor Rigby" was removed from auction over claims it had been stolen.

It was set to be sold with a guide price of £20,000.

[on being an Asian American actor] It's difficult having to hustle for jobs.

I try not to get wrapped up in it or I'll get depressed.

Diaries written by John Lennon are among hundreds of items belonging to The Beatles icon to be found by police in Berlin, Germany.

The collection of items were stolen from Lennon's widow Yoko Ono in 2006.

Or maybe it was the murder, the cold, gutless assassination of a cultural icon that made her husband one of the biggest pariahs of the 20th century.

There is a TV and we’ll watch ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ ” Eventually, the conversation drifts toward Lennon.Mark isn’t angry or upset at Yoko [for fighting his parole]. “My God, I still have deep-seated resentment that she didn’t go to somebody, even the police, and say, ‘Look, my husband’s bought a gun and he says he’s ­going to kill John Lennon.’ ” They managed to get past the finger-pointing.I’m not sure exactly how he feels, but I’m sure he understands.” Gloria says Chapman actually had a lot of affection for Lennon. I have to go forward or it could make me sick.” Chapman blamed her anyway. “I laid out the gun and I laid out all five bullets. “We have disagreements like regular people,” Gloria says.[on filming The Sessions - Wenn Worte berühren (2012)] It was unusual to be lying immobile with a beautiful naked woman on me, but it was not a bad thing.

And, as an actor who often misses his mark, it was easier in a way to be immobile.

According to the BBC, German media reported that Ono identified them from photos shown to her at the German consulate in New York.