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Easy Rider was a searing indictment of a conformity to which Dennis Hopper heroically refused to bow.But he was the victim of his own towering ambition to be more than an actor — to be an artist, director, iconoclast and all-embracing spirit of the 1960s.He was the perfect director for Easy Rider, in which he starred alongside Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda (with whom he spectacularly fell out over the artistic credit).Hopper played one of two stoned bikers who roam across the south-west before running into trouble with rednecks.When detained, as a “prisoner of war” he refused to give the police more than his social security number.He was admitted to hospital as a paranoid and underwent lengthy, and ultimately successful, detoxification that left him with regret about “the 15 years that I should have had a creative life and didn’t”.He became obsessed by Dean, by his techniques, by Method acting and by Dean’s instruction to “just smoke the cigarette, don’t act like you’re smoking a cigarette”. After a clash of wills Hopper took 85 takes before capitulating to Hathaway’s demands and, at 21, found himself blackballed from Hollywood.Moving to New York, he acted on Broadway and television and immersed himself in the cultural life of the city, painting, writing poetry, taking photographs for Vogue and consorting with the emergent pop artists.

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In 1987 there was an exhibition in Manhattan of his photographs — of artists, civil rights marches and urban scenes — and an accompanying book, Out of the Sixties, was well received.Allowed the directorial chair again for Colors (1987), Hopper produced a routine, though effortlessly violent, depiction of gang warfare in Los Angeles.By then he was firmly installed as Hollywood’s villain of choice and was appropriately menacing in Rivers Edge (1987), drunk in The Pick-Up Artist (1987) and evil in Paris Trout (1991).It was this ungovernable zest, fired by the romantic rhetoric of his youth, that meant he ultimately underperformed .

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Dennis Lee Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas, on May 17 1936.

Hopper spent the 1970s in a spiral propelled by massive substance abuse.

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